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Huihong Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fiber optic cables, with a specialization in MPO-16 fiber optic cables. Their MPO-16 fiber optic cables are specifically designed to support 400G transmission and are compatible with the 400G QSFP-DD SR8 optical module. These cables are also capable of achieving 400G transmission through a standard MPO-16 connector and can transmit data over multi-mode fiber optic cables up to 70m (OM3) or 100m (OM4) in distance.

The 16-core MPO/MTP-16LC pre-terminated branching cable is another product from Huihong Technologies that is specifically designed for connecting directly from the backbone distribution area to the equipment port or equipment area distribution frame. This product features a single-headed 16-core MPO/MTP connector on one end of the cable, and 16 LC connectors on the other end, making it ideal for system expansion and extended optical cables.

IEEE has introduced two standards for 400G transmission: the 400GBASE-SR8 standard, which supports 24-core MPO connectors or single-row 16-core MPO connectors, and the 400Gbase SR4.2 standard, which uses single-row MPO8 with bidirectional signaling and is suitable for switch-to-switch connections. Huihong Technologies’ MPO-16 fiber optic cables are designed to support both of these standards, making them an excellent choice for high-speed data transmission.

Huihong Technologies’ MPO/MTP 16 connector family is the unique keying feature on the connector hardware, which is standardized by TIA 604-18 (FOCIS 18) and IEC (61754-7-3). This keying feature ensures proper mating of the MPO-16 / MTP-16 connector without inadvertently mating the 16 fiber connector hardware with standard MPO compliant hardware, providing reliable and secure connections.

Huihong Technologies is committed to providing industry-leading density 16-core MTP/MPO fiber optic cable assemblies and 32-fiber (2×16) MTP/MPO fiber optic cable assemblies, making them an excellent choice for high-density data center applications. Their products are designed to meet the highest quality standards and are rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Huihong Technologies is a professional manufacturer of MPO-16 fiber optic cables, with a wide range of products designed to support high-speed data transmission in data center applications. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Huihong Technologies is a reliable partner for any organization looking to improve their data center infrastructure.