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When the 400G QSFP-DD DR4 optical module at both ends of the machine room can be connected through an MPO/MTP-8 single-mode fiber optic patch cord to achieve 400G transmission. The 400G QSFP-DD SR8 optical module is connected using a standard MPO-16 connector to achieve 400G transmission, and the maximum distance through multi-mode fiber optic transmission can reach 70m (OM3) or 100m (OM4). The 16-core MPO/MTP-16LC pre-terminated branching cable refers to a single-headed 16-core MPO/MTP connector used at one end of the cable, while the other end of the cable is equipped with 16 LC connectors. This product is mainly used in scenarios that need to connect directly from the backbone distribution area to the equipment port or equipment area distribution frame. This structure can also be used for extended optical cables for system expansion.

IEEE has introduced the 400GBASE-SR8 standard, which can support 24-core MPO connectors or single-row 16-core MPO connectors. In addition, IEEE has also introduced the 400Gbase SR4.2 standard, which uses single-row MPO8 with bidirectional signaling, which is very suitable for switch-to-switch connections, and also introduces OM5 multi-mode fiber optic cables.

The 16 Core MPO / MTP Fiber Optic Cable is a new type of fiber assemblies designed to support 400G transmission. The basic MPO trunking systems come in 8, 12, and 24-fiber variants. These assemblies are offered in single row 16-fiber and 32-fiber (2×16) configurations, making them the highest density physical contact for multi-fiber connectors in the market. Karono provides industry-leading density 16-core MTP/MPO fiber optic cable assemblies and 32-fiber (2×16) MTP/MPO fiber optic cable assemblies.

The versatility of MPO-16 fiber cables makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. They are commonly used in fiber optic communication systems, fiber optic access networks, fiber optic data transmission, and local area networks (LAN). They are also used in test equipment and fiber optic sensors. Their flexibility, reliability, and durability make them a popular choice among communication system designers and operators. MPO-16 fiber cables are an excellent option for anyone in need of a high-quality fiber optic cable for their communication needs.
MPO / MTP 16 Connector

The MPO/ MTP 16 connector family encompasses the 16 fiber MT ferrule, connector hardware, and bulkhead adapters. This connector family utilizes the same external footprint as the existing traditional 12 fiber MT ferrule. The 16 fiber MT is available in one or two rows of 16 fibers and leverages all the proven features and technology of our traditional PPS MT ferrules.
Keying Feature

The connector hardware offers a unique keying feature, unlike the centered keying feature on the traditional MPO hardware. This new keying design is standardized by TIA 604-18 (FOCIS 18) and IEC (61754-7-3) to ensure proper mating of the MPO-16 / MTP-16 connector without inadvertently mating the 16 fiber connector hardware with standard MPO compliant hardware.
Adapter Options

MPO/ MTP 16 adapters are available in full or reduced flange mounting and opposed or aligned key orientation.
Features of MPO-16 / MTP-16 Fiber Optic Cable

Complies with Telcordia GR-326 Core, TIA 604-18, and IEC(61754-3) standards. Highest density physical contact for multi-fiber connectors. Supports 400G transmission for Hyperscale Data Center. Deploys directly into 16x25G active devices. Satisfies client’s needs in different industries including singlemode(OS2) & multimode (OM1 ~ OM5) with customized length and structure.

MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cords are composed of MPO connectors and fiber optic cables. The MPO connector type is distinguished based on several factors according to IEC 61754-7, including the number of cores (Array Number), male-female (Male-Female), polarity (Key), and polishing type (PC or APC).

The common core numbers of MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cords are 8, 12, and 24, and in recent years, 16/32 cores have also become increasingly popular. The pin part of the MPO/MTP fiber optic connector’s pin (PIN) is divided into male and female forms. The male connector has two PINs, while the female connector does not. The polarity of MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cords can be divided into the following three types:

Type A (straight-through): The fiber cores at both ends of the patch cord are arranged in the same position, meaning that one end’s 1 corresponds to the other end’s 1, and one end’s 12 corresponds to the other end’s 12. The key orientation at both ends is opposite, key up corresponds to key down. Type B (cross-type): The fiber cores at both ends of the patch cord are arranged in opposite positions, meaning that one end’s 1 corresponds to the other end’s 12, and one end’s 12 corresponds to the other end’s 1. The key orientation at both ends is the same, meaning that key up corresponds to key up, and key down corresponds to key down. Type C (paired cross-type): The C-type MPO patch cord has adjacent pairs of fiber core positions crossed, meaning that one end’s fiber core 1 corresponds to the other end’s 2, and one end’s fiber core 12 corresponds to 11 on the other end. The key orientation at both ends is opposite, key up corresponds to key down.

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Data centers need to quickly respond to explosive bandwidth requirements, and new network functions such as data center applications, networks, and optical transceivers depend on the performance and adaptability of physical optical fiber infrastructure. The optimization of optical fiber infrastructure requires high-speed migration strategies to support emerging duplex and parallel optical fiber transmission applications, which will be widely adopted as economic advantages shift to newer technologies. Speed, flexibility, and scalable capacity are the keys to network design. Huihongfiber’s MPO cabling system is rapidly deployed, flexibly configured, and scalable to the optimal capacity. It is manufactured by precision technology in the factory, which can provide excellent, reliable, and repeatable application support for the most demanding network optical fibers. The MPO system provides a new solution for challenging data center design requirements.